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Sorting Hat: The Ministry of Magic

Greetings students, and we hope you'll enjoy what promises to be another exciting year at Hogwarts! Here in the Main Hall you'll find regular announcements, discussions, and the best breakfast muffins in all of Europe. Now, being that you're here, I trust that you've already been sorted - yes? If not, please step on stage and try on the the sorting hat, and we'll see where you belong.

Our beloved headmistress here is Jill, feel free to step into her office at any time. Too intimidated? Well Cyn, the Deputy Headmistress, is always willing to help as well!

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The Sorting Hat - A quick and easy way to earn points for your house, is to have a say on the hopefuls waiting under the most famous hat.
Hogwarts Handbook - Please be sure to study up on the rules of this fine school before joining or applying. You'll find everything you need to know to stay on Filch's good side.
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Possible Hiatus [21 Sep 2005|07:33pm]

Just in case. Though my side of Houston isn't required to evacuate and my family isn't planning on it, the city is pretty sure Rita's going to knock out the electricity at some point. If that happens, I won't be on. Actually, I was planning to go to Galveston as soon as we're allowed to and help them clean up. So, yeah. I won't be on for however long it takes them to restore electricity, assuming it gets knocked out.

Ilujna, Slytherin
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[03 Sep 2005|08:37pm]

1) Your old House- Hufflepuff
2) Why you were inactive- The past few weeks have been filled with trying to get ready for school and many hours spent as a cashier at Target, so I have not been checking the posts in the Main community very often. I know it's not that great of an excuse for missing the poll, but I am sorry that I missed it.
3) Why you want to join us again- I've really enjoyed this community. I've had a lot of fun making new friends and seeing how Harry Potter brings people together. I am now settled in school and will be checking the main community more often. I've made a lot of friends in this community and I really do enjoy being a part of it. I've told friends about it and tried to get a couple of them to join. I really would like to remain a member of this community and I will definitely be a lot more active if I'm allowed to rejoin.
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Vacation Time! [02 Aug 2005|01:08pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I know I just got sorted and I hate to do this but I am leaving for my vacation (camping no less, so no internet...hell, no electricity for that matter) on August 4th and then I am returning August 20th-21st.

I will catch up as soon as I return but there will be a rather large backlog of things I need to wade through as the semester for college starts the Monday I return. I will do my damndest to catch up here first but no promises *G*

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leaving... [29 Jul 2005|12:46am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

im going on a trip to montana, i wont be back until august 9th...i will miss all gryffindors! love you!

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[26 Jul 2005|12:11pm]

I'm going to California from today until August 11th. I may have the internet while I am gone, so I may post every once and a while, but in case I don't post I'm letting you know I'm on vacation. Woo.
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[24 Jul 2005|11:30am]

I'll be on hiatus for an indefinate amount of time - I'm hoping it'll only be a couple of weeks. My brother is moving out, and lo-and-behold, the internet connection in the house is actually his. So, I'm hoping I won't be internetless for long, but you never know how long it takes to make alternative arrangements. I'm sorry for the 'unknown' aspect of this, and if you feel you have to take me out of the community for the moment, that's fine. :) Thanks!

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[22 Jul 2005|05:35pm]

I am sorry to say I am leaving the community, my heart is no longer in this. I don't feel I am giving it my all and I hate not putting in 100%... My love to you and Go Hufflepuff.
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[12 Jul 2005|10:09am]

I am going on hiatus. My family will be visiting soon from out of town so I won't have much time for the computer. *hugs hufflepuff* love you all. Be back in about two weeks....
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Hiatus time! [25 Jun 2005|01:47pm]

Start: June 26th (I'm going to camp!)
End: Well, I get back from camp on the 16th, but it's entirely plausible that I'll be spending all of July 16th and 17th reading HBP. So let's make that end date July 18th, officially.

Hope nothing too exciting happens in the three weeks that I'm gone. And you'll just have to live with no Lucas or Hermione in the RPG!
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[24 Jun 2005|11:31pm]

Going on a hiatus.
Starting: June 27th
Ending: July 7th.
Going on a cruise. :O).

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Hiatus! [16 Jun 2005|01:44pm]

I'm going to be going on a brief hiatus. I'll be going home for the
weekend (Thursday-Tuesday) and I'm not to sure how my computer access
will be.

(If I am at my dads or at my moms apartment, we have no computer. If I
am in my grandmothers, there is a computer but they are sometimes on

I have some of the recap done for the rpg (so don't get carried away
while I'm gone ;) jk. I kid :) )

(That also means that Lavender and Sebastian will be inactive for a few
days, which might be strange)


P.S. Nichole, Sorry for attempting to post it in the wrong place! Thats what i get when I decide I want to make a notice at 4am!
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Slytherin vacation [15 Jun 2005|02:01pm]

On June 16th I am leaving for Tavarua, Fiji. I'll be staying there with no internet acess until June 25th.

then- June 26th I'm off to UCLA for a screenplay writing camp and will be home July 8th. I doubt I will have internet acess there, but I won't know until I arrive. Its about 10 hours inbetween each vacation so I doubt I will be able to get on then.

so I will be gone from June 16th- July 8th. That's about 3 weeks I blieve.


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leaving [27 May 2005|01:12pm]

Eh, things have been going hard for me and I can't keep up with things on the internet. It was a pleasure being here and sorting others, but I'm sorry. I have to leave. Take care everyone.

Plus, do I have to post a leaving post in my common room?

Yin` Gryffindor
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[24 May 2005|12:11pm]

OK, it looks like my life is going to be hectic for a couple of weeks. I am home from college and don't have easy internet access. Until I get my schedule figured out I'm going to have to go on hiatus. I'll let you know when I'm back. Probably a week or two. Unfortunatly this may end with a decision to leave the group. I may not be able to work out being active during the summer months.
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[16 May 2005|09:38am]
I will be leaving Hogwarts soon. I just don't have the time for much anymore. I have made some great friends here and hope to take that with me. I have thought about this decision for awhile now. I wish everyone well
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[12 May 2005|05:06pm]

Just an announcement to let everyone know that my finals are done and I'm back!
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[08 May 2005|03:47pm]


1) Your old House: Gryffindor
2) Why you were inactive: I voted on people, but me being an idiot I didn't post in the common room much. :P I wasn't online much either, due to some personal issues.
3) Why you want to join us again: It's nice to be in these kind of stuff. I'll be more active & participate more. And I think this is a great community.
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Vacation [06 May 2005|10:33am]

I'm going to be gone until about Monday. I'm trying to get back into the swing of living at home and I've been so flustered lately. So I'm gonna take a small break and get back into the swing of things.
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Hiatus [05 May 2005|11:38pm]

I'm not going to be around from the 17th until about mmmm...the 24th? Going to visit family. I shall let everyone know of my grand return ^_~
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[01 May 2005|08:55pm]

okay, obviously after going through 5 kazillion sorting entries, i'm back! have a temp. pc at home for the time being :D yay!
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